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    Kellie's life skill toolbox to encourage personal growth!

Kellie’s Life Skill’s Tool Box is a step by step program ( with lessons and self-help worksheets) of a selection of life skills to enhance your life.  The tools are created in order to help you start from the most fundamental skills to help you build a solid foundation one skill at a time.  A solid foundation is the most critical part of achieving your goals as well as living your life’ purpose. From your solid foundation, life is more secure and calm, a place that you can thrive and grow from.

You may pick and choose which topic you struggle with and go from there. I list the tools in the order that is the most logical. That said, better to master the earliest tool before you jump to the latter skill set.

Each tool is a collaboration with my teachings with your self-reflection, thought and pondering goals.

Tool #1 


Knowing Who you are

  • How do you define yourself?

  • What in life defines you?

  • What influences you positively or negatively?

  • What is at the core of your beliefs?

  • What do you stand for?



It may surprise you that most people don’t know who they really are. They may spend countless hours learning who someone else is, but never take the time to inquire who they are. This program is a self-reflective journey of who you are and whom you would like to be. When we acknowledge an issue within ourselves it is healed 50% just by recognizing we need to improve something about our self! How easy was that? So, identification is the first place to start. Hopefully, you will discover self-love that you didn’t know was there.

This step is something you don’t want to miss. Many times, this simple step clears so many blocks for people. It is worth it to take the time and self-nurture yourself and getting to know the amazing you.

                                                                                    20 pages


  • Do you feel drained?

  • Do you feel passion?

  • Do you know how to protect your energy?

  • Do you know how aspects of your life affect your energy?

  • Do you work on your spiritual health by praying or meditating?

  • Do you want to make decisions from and healthy and vibrant place?

Tool #2

Your Life Force Energy

We are born with life force energy. It is the power of our soul. You can see it in excess when someone is passionate about their life purpose. You can see it drain as someone is ill or is unhappy with life. 

Our life force energy is a concept that is a spiritual one. Eastern parts of the world are more familiar with the importance of it for good health. When we understand that we are given a certain amount of life force energy daily to use, we will understand why we feel so weak when we spend more energy than we have for the day. We say "we feel drained" and that means we are drained of energy. 


We use the term all the time. But do you know that when we deplete our life force energy that our physical and emotional bodies drain too?

Learning the 7 basic energy systems of the body will help you to preserve your own life force energy.  We know and understand how to help ourselves maintain our health and vibrancy.

                                                                                                                                               20 Pages

Tool #3



  • Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep?

  • There are many things to do naturally to help.

  • There are many things to avoid too.

  • Would you like a plan to promote the best quality sleep for yourself?

  • A bonus of instructions to build a sleeping sanctuary of peace just for you.


Sometimes we need to go back to basics for what we take for granted. We never were taught how to sleep, we just did it. As we get older, so many things keep us from getting a good nights sleep. 

That is why it is critical to take a better look at your sleep patterns. Our bodies recharge at night to keep us at our best. Don't overlook this skill as there are many things that we were not taught. Get a bit of extra training to help yourself get back to the most fundamental need we have. Sweet Dreams!

                                                                                                                     13 Pages

  • What are the roadblocks to success?

  • Do you have any roadblocks in your path?

  • How can I overcome my blocks to achieving my goal?

  • How do I set reasonable goals?

  • Is there a system to get to my end goal?

Tool #4 

Setting up for Success


Why can’t I seem to move forward? Why do I feel stuck? This project is too big to finish, how do I begin? Do you ever feel that way? Do you ask yourself these questions? Unless we have very successful people we can model after, we may not have been taught how to set our self-up to achieve our dreams.

If we hit or miss with our goals, it is NOT YOU or your ability! It is your lack of proper training. With a method to help you systematically move towards your objective until completion. If you want to jump on the success train, then use this information to change your life path.

This is a great tool for evaluating your path to achieving your goals. It is a method that can be used over and over again with each and every goal. This tool is one that once learned keeps giving and giving!  


                                                                                                                      15 pages

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