Health and Wellness


As a holistic coach, Kellie believes that you have 4 pillars of life that must be in balance to achieve a more balanced, vibrant life. The four solid pillars hold up the foundation of your life and dreams. They are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Do you desire to build a stronger foundation to help you to be the best you can be in body, mind, and spirit?

1 hour   $100

30 min   $70

Business Coaching


Personal Financial Coaching

1 hr         $100

30 min    $70

Kellie uses her MBA,  experience in managing money, people, and resources to help you with your business.

If you need personal money coaching.  She is also a mom that learned the skill of making a dollar stretch. These skills along with effective training can help you with new methods and belief systems to help secure your financial well being. 

Remote Reiki Session

30 min           $70


Package of    $100

2 - 20 min


Select what you would like healing energy to be sent to.

An appointment will be arranged to send Reiki energy. You do not have to do anything but allow the energy to work in you . The Reiki Master will do the rest. 

Relationship Coaching

1 hr         $100

30 min    $70

Do you have trouble or questions about a relationship in your life at work or home? Let me give you insight and tools for healthier interactions. In addition, to help know if the relationship boundaries are healthy and efficient for your health and well being. 

Let's work to develop healthier relationship boundaries to help you have a more peaceful and thriving life. 

Productivity and Efficiency


1 hr         $100

30 min    $70

Time management is being able to do what is critical first. Then, less significant tasks are prioritized. This creates a more ordered and less stressful life. Block scheduling, and Productivity training can make your life so much more efficient and gratifying. 

Free 15 Minute Session

Free 15 minute mini session of your choice. A limited time offer for those who join the email list!

Ask Kellie

One on One Coaching

1 hr        $100
30 min   $70
15 min   $40

This is for the question that you need help with that is compelling for you to know now!

"Kellie, I need help with this ____?"

We jump right into a solution.

Kellie uses her intuition to help you with a solution to regain harmony.


  Coaching        Bundle

    4 hr   $350


This is an opportunity to customize your own program. Put together the pieces that make sense you. Tell Kellie what you need and she will deliver it to you.


Kellie helps reverse negative and unproductive thought and behavior patterns to form a more vibrant way of life. Package of 4, 1-hour sessions over the course of 4 weeks.


Choose either the health and wellness coaching, productivity training,  relationship consulting, financial coaching  or"Ask Kellie intuitive session" 

You may also choose a combination of the five types of coaching in the 4 sessions. Combo coaching is designed to meet your specific needs. 

Be specific in the email of what you wish to accomplish. 















Please fill out and submit the information the boxes for booking appointments and services.

 You will then receive an email from Kellie with     info about the service you requested.

 Note: If you do not receive an email within 24   hours  please try again.

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