Trisha, Florida, USA

"Kellie Rae has transformed my life, taking me from a very dark place to one of hope, happiness, and miracles. Her simplistic approach has allowed me to make small changes in my life that have brought big and almost immediate results. I am so grateful and truly blessed to have worked with such an amazing person. I highly recommend working with Kellie for clear and accurate guidance in any or all areas of your life."


Simona C. , Italy

"When you have to make a difficult choice and you have already evaluated the situation from all the emotional and rational points of view this is when you need an intuitive approach to it. This is when Kellie can help. When she has read for me, she was able to identify the personalities of the people involved pointing me to the ones who could perform the task that I wanted in the best possible way. Sometimes the reply is what you anticipated. Other times, it is completely different. Kellie is an emphatic gifted intuitive who can help you see the hidden angle of the decision and save you lots of money. "

Fatima Issa, Spain

"Words can not express the gratitude I feel for the wonderful one on one session I had with you recently. The information and the healing work that God/Creator and divine guidance conducted through you was spot on 100% correct and on target. Light was shed on my blind spot areas and after the healing was done on them, they were filled and sealed with divine love. Your kindness and compassion during the session was so appreciated as it ensured that I was fully grounded and connected to the infinite divine flow of unconditional love. Profound concise guidance and focused next steps action to take were given for me to do and take. The deep love was undeniable and I felt completely connected to both Heaven and Earth. A heartfelt thanks for an amazing healing session which I recommend highly to anyone seeking profound health on all levels."

Iratxe Sanjiao, Spain

"Kellie is pure love and she has not only helped me, but my loving cat too. Kellie's prayers are incredibly powerful and her intuitive abilities too. I will follow working with Kellie that I can move forward and improve my life completely."


Marilyn Cope, USA

Kellie, you are such a great help with my struggles. Knowing that on the day I get to talk to you, I feel like a big fog was in my head and you clear the fog away. I look forward to our talks. It reminds me of watching movies with my sister when we were young. Whenever the ending was confusing to me she would tell me how it ended, then everything was okay. It is kind of like that. After I talk to you, I know everything is going to be okay. You have truly made a difference in my life. I can’t figure out for the life of me why I hesitated, I thought “She can’t help me.”  Man, was I wrong!I so appreciate you being there for me!  I feel good all week when we talk. There is always some small task I need to do during the week. Give me more tasks Kellie!

Trish, USA

After going through a traumatic life event, Kellie Rae's guidance was able to carry me through the hardest parts. I don't know what I would have done without her holding my hand every step of the way. Even though it has been a short time since the event occurred. Its amazing to me how far I have come. I took all the advice she gave me that got me to where I am now. Everything started changing for the better for myself and 2 daughters almost immediately. I can't even imagine where I might be today without Kellie in my life.

Dan Ryan, USA

I have known Kellie Rae for a long time and speak to her on a monthly basis for general guidance as well as guidance for specific life events.

She is without a doubt the best intuitive I have ever been associated with. No one is correct all the time but Kellie is very close. She is very personable and caring about the reading and you as a person. We have a connection that is difficult to describe but I will try.  Most of the readings we start off with catching up and joking around. While are doing this, the clock is not running. When it is time for the reading to start she is all about business, which I like. She has reached out to me on several occasions just checking up on me and she is right on point because I am or have been struggling with something in life. 

You will not find a more passionate person that is truly looking to help you and has nothing but love and kindness in her heart.

You simply can't go wrong when you reach out to speak with Kellie.

Kim M, Canada

"Kellie is both...a soft and loving, godly woman AND firm, confident, gifted financial-intuitive. She has empowered and inspired me with practical, manageable steps, that is

shifting me and helping me to successfully grow my business. I love her. She is the real deal and a true Godsend".

Dr Laura Linderman  

"I highly recommend working with Kellie.  She has been a very important part of my healing journey.  My first time working with her she even told me of my most chronic health priorities that I did not even tell her about!!!!  Her recommendations helped me get to my next level of health and I had been "stuck" for so long.  I am a doctor, and Kellie's knowledge and wisdom of the human body was beyond belief to me.  Even Kellie's tone of voice was healing to my soul.  Kellie is without a doubt one of the most authentic and most effective healers I have EVER experienced.  She is truly a bright light in this world."

Sarah Wisecamp, USA

Sleep Consultant

“Kellie Rae is truly an amazing person and healer.  She not only has helped improve my life and my children’s lives using several different modalities, but also taught me how to be more mindful of my health, body, and mind to improve my overall well being.  My son went from being hyperactive and having a hard time in preschool to being a very successful kindergartener with just a few sessions with Kellie.  We are forever grateful of her time and patience that she takes with not only my family but all of her clients.”


Jennifer, USA

Kellie has helped me more in 4 weeks than anyone ever has in my 38 years of my life. She is kind, compassionate, tough, and understanding. I'm so happy that she came into my life at the perfect moment. She is a God sent. She is clear, concise and understanding. She will help you with the tools to live better and be better. Thank you so much, Kellie! I can't say enough for everything you have done.

Shannon, California 

Kellie is kind, caring and professional.  She listens to her clients and provides the highest quality services.  Her work is fast and effective and has been instrumental in helping me through a very difficult situation.  She is a Godsend, to say the least. 

M.C , New York, USA

"Kellie always helps guide me in the right direction and eases my, mind. She is always accurate and puts me right on target. Whenever I am stressed she calms me down. I am thankful I found Kellie."


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